Are you ready to fly?

This is how God expects us to depend on HIM for our daily bread. Unfortunately, rebels are against this. Are you a rebel, against God or a lover? Whichever side you’re on, you bear the consequence or benefits.

Heart Murmurs


In the past week, this image has been on my heart.

We are familiar with this picture of helpless baby birds, screaming for food from harried and worn parents who fly back and forth finding food and stuffing it into their hungry, gaping mouths as quickly as possible. Blind and naked, these babies need feeding in order to survive.

Obvious, right?

My question is, how long do baby birds stay like that? Do we see these birds still blind, naked and screaming for someone to feed them months later?

Hardly. We expect to see these baby birds grow, get feathers, and fill out. Then they stand on the edge of the nest, testing their freshly feathered wings and one day, they fly out into the world.

So why are we content, in the church, to remain like blind little birds squawking for feeding?

When do we grow up and become

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