MEMORISE: ‘Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.’ (Rom 13:7)
READ: Romans 13:1-8

Law enforcement agents play a very significant role in any country. They are saddled with the task of securing lives and property and ensuring peace and stability. In fact, the Bible calls them ‘Ministers of God’ sent to execute vengeance on lawbreakers. Without them a nation will face anarchy and everyone will be free to do what he or she likes. We ought to appreciate and thank God for them.

According to Scripture we are commanded to obey the laws of the land or face the consequences (1 Pet 2:13-15). For instance, God frowns when traffic regulations are broken. Similarly it is wrong to default in praying taxes to the government. As responsible citizens, believers should be faultless concerning their civic responsibilities (Matt 17:24-27)

In politics, Christians have the right to determine who governs them. If they fail to exercise that right by casting their votes for the preferred candidates, they lose their power of influence. And as a result, they should not complain when the wrong people are voted into power. Speaking evil about those in authority is not part of your civic rights (2 Pet 2:10). God expects you to submit to the laws of the land as long as they do not violate God’s superior laws (Tim 3:1-2). When things are going wrong, God expects you to intercede for those in authority (1 Tim 2:1-4). You should shine forth as a light for others to see.

For those in authority, be informed that God has allowed you to occupy that position. You are there to serve and make life better for all in the nation. God expects you to deal ruthlessly with evil and promote righteousness. But if you begin to use the power vested in you against those you were meant to serve, you are on your own. Remember, the evil seeds a man sows will be reaped not only by him, but for four generations in his lineage. Why not rather serve the people and earn a good name, which is priceless before God?

Reflect on how you can use your position, wealth and
endowments to benefit mankind and glorify God.



  1. Hello Sunday,
    I like your post. I especially like: “Christians have the right to determine who governs them.” I would probably also say that everyone has that right. There’s always some debate or argument on social media in regards to abortion, drugs, politics, etc., and how one group is limiting the other groups rights. But the truth is, everyone has that same right to vote. Also, not to be a grammar nazi, but you wrote praying taxes instead of paying taxes. Check out “Lecrae – Liberty University Convocation” on YouTube. It’s not directly related to what you’re discussing, but it talks about how our “secular life” can still glorify God instead of just for ourselves.

    • I agree with your comments totally. Everyone should glorify God whether you know HIM or not. The wind glorify God when it blows, the trees glorify God when they bend or shake, the animals glorify God (the birds flap their wings, the lions roar, the fishes jump up and down in the waters), they are all glorifying God. Thanks for your insight. I appreciate.

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